What could be better in the summer than a huge banana split?  A huge banana split with a health make-over—one so healthy it can double as a fruit salad!


I love Banana Splits!

It’s been so hot lately I haven’t felt like cooking.  Three nights ago I pulled out assorted cheeses, lunchmeats, and whole grain rolls.  After a quick sandwich, I set out the cutting boards and the boys and I went to work making dessert.  Because dessert was also part of dinner, I doubled the fruit and went light on the chocolate sauce. My family also uses a reduced sugar, “reasonable” fat ice cream to keep these “dinner worthy.”  An unexpected bonus: this dinner was definitely fun!  My boys and I laughed and talked about dinner and their day at the pool as we ate and “cooked” together.

Yum!  These banana splits were so good we ate them again the next night (and the next . . . but hey, we couldn’t leave Grandma and Papa out of the action, could we? ).

Healthy Banana Splits:

2 small bananas (or 1 large)
4-8 ounces strawberries, sliced
1 cup pineapple tidbits (about half of a 20 ounce can, drained)
4 scoops vanilla ice cream or ice milk (1-2 pints depending on your scoop size)
Chocolate syrup or fudge sauce

If you have a toddler, slice the banana in bite-size pieces.  Otherwise, slice the banana length-wise (“split” the banana), then cut each split piece in half.  Put two pieces of the split banana on either side of a bowl.  Put a scoop of ice cream between the banana pieces then add sliced strawberries and pineapple tidbits to the top.  Drizzle a little bit of chocolate syrup or hot fudge sauce over the top and serve.

Yeild:  Makes 4 banana splits

Get the kids to help: Kids can cut the bananas and strawberries (use a plastic spreading knife, a butter knife or a lettuce knife with young children).  They also enjoy assembling the banana splits and drizzling the chocolate sauce over the top.  You may want to pour a little sauce in a measuring cup and let them drizzle it from there to prevent chocolate floods!

Picky Eater Pleaser:  If your kids don’t like “mixed foods,” put a small pile of each fruit and a scoop of ice cream on a plate (not touching of course) and drizzle each pile with a little sauce.